Weight Control With Yoga And Spices

It may be easy to stay fit if you have a physical job or are blessed with good genetics, but it can be hard for those who have neither. Even for people who eat properly and avoid junk food, a sedentary job can make it difficult to lose weight. However, you don’t necessarily have to join a gym and maintain a strict diet to stay fit. One way to control your weight is to use a combination of yoga and spices. Each of these has benefits, but most people don’t know how to use them together for the greatest effect. Here’s how to harness the power of these two forces to achieve one goal.

1. Start your day with yoga.
Ten to twenty minutes of yoga first thing in the morning can get your blood flowing, increase your metabolism and help you bum some calories. All you need is a mat, a yoga DVD or even some YouTube videos. If you’re new to yoga, start with a beginner’s video and follow along. Most yoga sequences work all areas of your body and a good workout will make you sweat, but you’ll also learn quite a few poses and improve your flexibility and balance.

2. Drink lemon juice and honey.
You’ll be thirsty after yoga, but avoid sugar-filled juices and calorie-laden sports drinks. Instead, have a glass of lemon water sweetened with honey. Lemon juice is acidic and has been used for millennia as a cleansing tonic and appetite suppressant. Honey is a natural sweetener that has a lower glycemic index than table sugar or high fructose corn syrup, so it won’t give you a sugar but It contains fewer calories per teaspoon than sugar, and its sweetness can help prevent sugar cravings for the rest of the day. Lemon juke is a great flavor enhancer that can make low-calorie foods and beverages more satisfying so you’ll eat less. It’s also very high in Vitamin C and potassium.

3 Have cinnamon and ginger for breakfast.
Flavor your breakfast tea or coffee with cinnamon or ginger. Cinnamon is a metabolism booster that can enhance your weight loss efforts. It also stabilizes your blood sugar level and ads like insulin by discouraging your body from converting excess sugar to fat. Ginger also helps to keep blood sugar levels steady and has been used for centuries as a natural appetite suppressant. It also has mild thermogenic effects, which means that it may help you bum more calories

4. Add cayenne pepper or turmeric.
Season your lunch with cayenne pepper or turmeric powder. These two savory spices can make bland vegetables more appetizing and have many health benefits. Turmeric contains curcumin, and cayenne pepper contains capsaicin, both of which reduce inflammation, enhance digestion and may also benefit your immune system. Additionally, both spices raise your body temperature and make you sweat, which helps burn a few more calories and detoxifies your body.

5. Follow up with black pepper.
Black pepper is another savory spice that can enhance digestion. Its active ingredient, piperine, inhibits the formation of new fat cells. Black pepper has been used in traditional Eastern medicine to treat a wide range of digestive disorders, and it helps your digestive tract extract nutrients from food more efficiently. Black pepper on cottage cheese, yogurt or even oatmeal makes a healthy and filling snack that will leave you feeling full and less likely to overeat

6. End your day with yoga.
A short yoga session before bed can help calm your mind and relax your body to help you deep better. Sleep is essential for weight loss because it reduces the production of cortisol, a stress hormone that can prevent you from losing weight.